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Raman Technologies, Inc.

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Raman Technologies Inc. is an international agile and management consulting company that works with organizations to improve their product and service delivery model. Our niche is working with global, large organization, government, and accredited startups. We often step in when other companies fail to deliver on client expectations. The reason why we deliver results and they don’t is simple – they don’t have the breath nor depth in all areas required to help the organization truly improve their bottom line, which is getting solutions, products, and capabilities to the market sooner and in the hands of early adopters. Raman Technologies is able to deliver value time after time for their clients because we can assess, strategize, explain, present, train from the executive level to the team level, and then help them execute the transformation and sustain afterwards. Our knowledge is cutting edge and well respected because we speak at international conferences, provide thought leadership, publish articles, books and tools, and obtain the highest certification credentials in the industry. Read more

At Raman Technologies Labs, we are also developing a cloud-based, agile project management tool, called Cognosco. This tool is truly collaborative with no hassles. Log in using your social credentials or register an account to create or join a project. You can manage any type of project with our tool - not just software projects. It is intuitive, interactive, offline capable, and easy to use. Your project dashboard will display agile metrics to help monitor the progress, milestones, and interact with other team members that are online, etc. Cognosco will help you facilitate and record your notes from sprint reviews to retrospectives, and provide a repository of real time agile information to make your project a success. We are also working on extending Cognosco to facilitate Kanban and Scrumban practices. Look for updates via Social Media in the coming months!

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Enterprise Agile & Lean Assessment

We apply the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to help organizations transform to being more lean and agile for their enterprise solutions and capabilities. When applying the Scaled Agile method, we look for value streams to understand, organize, and deliver value. At the SAFe enterprise and portfolio level, value streams are a series of steps to provide continuous flow to the “Customer” - that are funded and nurtured as a set of solutions development activities. These activities either deliver end user value directly or support other operational value streams.

Scaled Agile

Value Stream Economics is critical when restructuring organizations to being more lean and agile. Don Reinertsen states 5 elements for an economic framework and the necessity for understanding the relationship between them.

These 5 elements are:

Development Cost The cost to implement a decision or capability
Cycle Time The time to implement the decision
Cost Manufacturing, deployment and operational costs
Value The value of the decision to the business and customer
Risk The increase or decrease in the uncertainty and/or technical viability of the solution

In order to optimize the whole, you have to understand all the steps and associated costs in the flow from concept to cash. Understanding the actual flow of value at the enterprise is challenging and can only be addressed in its specific business context. Therefore, portfolios are re-structured to support one to many value streams as fit for purpose.

Fortunately, Raman Technologies has propriety tools to initiate your Agile|Lean transformation, and assess your Enterprise and value flow based on the 5 elements from the economic framework.

We also take a detail look at Cost of Delay as shown below:

Scaled Agile

We often deliver the following artifacts as part of our Agile|Lean transformation assessment:

  • Lean|Agile Transformation Vision & Business Case.
  • Questions based on business context to understand flow of value.
  • Evaluation of organization’s empirical data for current flow of value.
  • Propose lean value streams.
  • Value streams characterization (e.g. Operations, Development, etc.)
  • Financial forecasting and modeling - projected cost savings.
  • Propose Strategy to launch Agile Release Trains (ARTs).
  • Agile maturity assessment if appropriate.

Please contact us for more details and questions!

About Us

Our Vision

Nothing less than realizing the full potential of our clients and helping them unlock their greatest asset for maximum success, we call knowledge, in this complex world we live in.

"In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists." - Eric Hoffer

Our Mission

Raman Tech's mission is to empower organizations and people to be more effective, efficient, and successful in delivering their solutions, products, and capabilities to the marketplace. In essence - to be the catalyst and model for setting the standards for product development and creating a transparent and collaborative environment, where people are motivated to take ownership of their work and reach their potential.

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R.E.P. & Training Accreditation

Profile Rep
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In order to become a REP, organizations must demonstrate their commitment to quality Scrum-related training by providing their courses, their trainer bios, and concrete ways in which they build in continuous improvement.
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As of August, 2010 there are 30 organizations with the REP designation.
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By becoming a REP, you receive access to course listings, an online profile, and an exclusive affiliation with the Scrum Alliance.
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REPs can post any approved courses on the Scrum Alliance website.
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The Scrum Alliance has a membership database of over 250,000 members worldwide.
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Only REP organizations offer the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Developer designation.



Raman Technologies joins a growing list of R.E.P.s worldwide. These organizations include commercial training providers that design complete educational systems, academic institutions, internal training offices at corporations and government agencies.

PMI is the world's largest project management member association. As a global thought leader and knowledge resource, PMI advances the profession through its global standards and credentials, collaborative chapters and virtual communities and academic research. When organizations invest in project management, supported by PMI, executives have confidence that their important initiatives will deliver expected results, greater business value and competitive advantage. PMI, PMP, PgMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

LeanKanban University


The LeanKanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer program works to endorse only the best Kanban professionals with the greatest Kanban-specific knowledge and experience.Accredited Kanban Trainers and their organizations can offer LeanKanban University Certified Kanban Training classes. The LKU Accredited Kanban TrainingTM program has requirements on 3 levels that must be met in order to offer certified training: the organization, the trainer, and the training materials.

Management 3.0


In few industries the benefits of new, agile forms of working were more visible than in software development. Strict deadlines, highly intelligent knowledge workers, and products that – if not built correctly, were very vulnerable to errors. The philosophy of Agile offered many answers and solutions to improve working methods in software development. Management, however, was hardly addressed. Management 3.0 helps to address this lack of visionary management.

IC Agile

IC Agile

The International Consortium for Agile. Offering knowledge and competency-based certifications in the diverse disciplines needed to sustain organizational agility.


Raman Technologies offers certified/accredited training for:

  • Scrum Alliance
  • Project Management Institute
  • Lean Kanban University
  • Innovation Games
  • Scaled Agile Framework
  • Management 3.0
Silicon SAFe Practitioner18 Jan 2014 03:30 AM Hyatt HouseRegister
Silicon SAFe Agilist19 Apr 2014 08:30 AM Hyatt HouseRegister
Leading SAFe14 Mar 2015 08:30 AM Hyatt HouseRegister
Lean Kanban Foundations21 Mar 2015 10:00 AM Hyatt HouseRegister
PMI-ACP17 Jun 2015 08:30 AM RenaisRegister
Lean Kanban Foundations25 Jun 2015 09:00 AM Hyatt HouseRegister
Certified Scrum Developer13 Jul 2015 08:30 AM Mason CenterRegister
Certified Scrum Developer14 Jul 2015 08:30 AM Mason CenterRegister
Certified Scrum Developer15 Jul 2015 08:30 AM Mason CenterRegister
Certified Scrum Developer03 Aug 2015 08:30 AM Hyatt RegencyRegister
Certified Scrum Developer04 Aug 2015 08:30 AM Hyatt RegencyRegister
Certified Scrum Developer05 Aug 2015 08:30 AM Hyatt RegencyRegister
Lean Kanban Foundations27 Aug 2015 09:00 AM Hyatt HouseRegister
PMI-ACP09 Sep 2015 08:30 AM Mason CenterRegister
Lean Kanban Foundations14 Oct 2015 08:30 AM CrownRegister
Lean Kanban Foundations19 Oct 2015 09:00 AM FoxtelRegister
Lean Kanban Foundations29 Oct 2015 09:00 AM Hyatt HouseRegister
Lean Kanban Foundations05 Nov 2015 09:00 AM Eastin HotelRegister
PMI-ACP09 Nov 2015 08:30 AM Ritz CarltonRegister
PMI-ACP18 Jan 2016 08:30 AM Mason CenterRegister
PMP® Training25 Jan 2016 08:30 AM Hyatt RegencyRegister
Leading SAFe28 Jan 2016 08:30 AM Hyatt HouseRegister
Leading SAFe08 Feb 2016 08:30 AM Mason CenterRegister
Leading SAFe11 Apr 2016 08:30 AM Mason CenterRegister
PMI-ACP03 May 2016 08:30 AM RamantechRegister

For cancellation and refund policies for classes Hosted by other providers, go to the registration page for the course. For classes Hosted by Raman Technologies Inc, the cancellation and refund policy is as follows: Full refunds are available up until 30 business days before the scheduled event date via EventBrite – our 3rd party registration system. Cancellations made within 30 business days of the event will be credited toward future events. However, no refunds will be issued. No refunds or credits will be available for "no-shows." Substitutions will be accepted at any time prior to commencement of the course. If a course does not meet the minimum registrants 10 business days prior to the commencement of the course, we will contact you to discuss a refund or credit towards a future event.

Our Trainers


We know your time is valuable and you have high expectations. At Raman Technologies, we not only pre-screen our trainers for quality, but we ensure the training environment meets the highest standards. At our training, all of your dietary needs will be taken care of for the time you are with us. We partner with the following hotels and others to ensure all expectations are met and to maintain a competitive market price for your training.


Tools and Information

Raman Technologies Labs has developed an Agile Project Management tool called Cognosco ( This tool is hosted in the MS Azure Cloud and supports offline capability (Android mobile/tablet, and iOS mobile/tablet). On that note, we must say that our mobile/tablet apps are the most robust on the market. Via social logins and sticking to the Scrum basics and nothing else, this tool is the ideal companion to track your Scrum projects and team’s progress. It is intuitive with built in Scrum metrics – no complicated configurations or setup needed. It is also the most cost effective tool on the Market - $50 per project with up to 15 users per project for the Enterprise Cloud offering or FREE for the stand alone mobile/tablet app. Go ahead and check it out.


For the next phase of Cognosco, Raman Technologies Labs is developing enhancements to extend Cognosco for Lean Kanban in Practice. When we coach, we are very pragmatic with our approach - we know one size does not fit all like some dogmatic coaches like to believe. Therefore, we know the community needs a tool that can facilitate different Agile methods. With Lean Kanban, you will be able to implement System Thinking Approach To Introducing Kanban (STATIK), facilitate your Kanban teams based on the core practices like visualization, WIPs, flow, policies, feedback, and improved collaboration. You will have automated calculations for Little's Law, cumulative flow, lead time histogram, and flow efficiency.

Raman Technologies can help your organization customize your Agile Project Management Tools to fit your needs and expectations. Whether it be complex program level reporting or rote calculations, we have most likely done it before. By being a development partner with the main stream tools and our advance expertise, we are the best in the market for customization and API integration. Ramantech can also provide custom training for your commercial Agile Project Management tools.


Changing an organization to deliver more value and be innovative, requires a collective, conscious effort of out-of-box, like minded thinkers that value learning, trust, collaboration, adapting to change, and team accountability. These principles go beyond just organization development, it applies to a lifestyle and how you live and perceive your life. Using, we will be creating Agile Communities across the globe. If you are interested in working with Raman Technologies to start a community, please contact us. With, users can log in and add our communities via Facebook. Stay connected with our community at large and join our Global Facebook page. We will post updates to where we will be, photos from our conferences and meetups, and dates to upcoming training classes and webinars.Raman Technologies will also be hosting a Lean Kanban and Agile Asia conference series in the APAC Region. For more information, please contact us.

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